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Use to share pieces of code in chat rooms, forums, and the like, without pastebombing the conversation.

Your code gets a nice short URL like

The code will be colorized according to the syntax selected.

After you enter text in the Content field, the app will try to guess the syntax and set the Syntax menu choice accordingly. (Syntax-guessing feature is active only when the Syntax selection is the default, "Plain text".)

You can set expiration from 1 day to 365 days (7 days is the default). After that it's deleted and its URL will return a 404.


By default, all pasted items are "private" — the links are not published anywhere on the site, and the IDs are non-sequential.

Registered users get a "Public" checkbox on the creation form (and on the Edit Properties form) to override this on a per-item basis. Public items are shown on your profile page, and included in the "Recent public items" list on the About page.


  • Click the "Soft wrap" button to wrap long lines to window width, no horizontal scrolling. The resulting URL (ends with #wrap) can be shared too.
  • At the end of any item URL, add a file extension from the list of syntax choices to temporarily colorize it as that sytnax. (Extension .txt will return just the raw content.)
  • Some markup (HTML, Markdown, reStructuredText) can be previewed.
  • Click any line number for a permalink.
  • To preset fields in the submission form, pass any of these URL parameters: syntax, expiry_days, title. (Here's an example, and here's the list of syntax choices.)
  • Compare any two items via the Diff button.
  • Size limit is 1,000,000 characters.

Base 32 IDs

Item IDs are base 32. They are case-insensitive but uppercase is canonical. The digit set omits 0, 1, O, and I to reduce ambiguity.

Scripts, Tools, Integrations

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Copy raw content to clipboard: C
  • Delete: Delete/Backspace
  • Duplicate: D
  • Edit item properties (expiry/syntax/title): E
  • Favorite: F
  • Create a new item: N
  • Preview (for HTML, Markdown, reStructuredText): P
  • Raw text view: R
  • Submit: ctrl-Enter
  • Toggle soft wrap: W

Additional features for account holders

Anonymous use is the default, but if you create an account you can:

  • Add others' items to your favorites list (great for teams)
  • Delete any of your items
  • Change expiry, syntax, or title of any of your items
  • Make any of your items public
  • Get a personal dashboard with:
    • Running list of items you've pasted
    • Items you've starred
    • Your API token
    • Preferences (default syntax, default expiry, syntax-guessing, colorizing style)

More help

Account management