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About dpaste.com

The story

I created this pastebin in 2006 and it's been in continuous service ever since.

I originally made it for my fellow early-adopter Django coders in Freenode's #django IRC channel. It caught on. By Django 1.0 (2008), the "Share this traceback" button using dpaste.com was added to Django's debug page, and it remains there today.

I've made regular improvements over the years, and strive to keep it useful and reliable.

The latest big update (summer 2020) brought user accounts, responsive layouts, and HTTPS.

I welcome comments and questions.

Scripts, Tools, Integrations

Base 32 IDs

Item IDs are base 32, with no 0, 1, O, or I. This helps if you need to read one to somebody, or transcribe it without copy/paste. IDs are case-insensitive, though uppercase is canonical.


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