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Stripped automatic english subtitles from youtube for "Termite Is Dead. Dev Lashes Out At GNOME."

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i've been a desktop linux user for about
13 years now it's been
the only operating system i've used
since around 2008
and in those years i have distrohopped
many times hundreds of times probably
and i've window manager hop
dozens of times and i've also terminal
emulator hopped
dozens of times i've always been
searching for the perfect terminal
so i've tried out most everything out
there all the popular choices
and one of the ones that i used for a
while was
termite termite was really
the new hot terminal emulator that
appeared on the scene
a few years ago i i would say about five
years ago it really started gaining
popularity because people
were looking for an alternative to at
the time
x term and urx vt xterm and urxvt had
always been the standard
terminal emulators light minimal fast
terminal emulators to use especially
on window manager only systems so you
know you didn't want to use the gnome
terminal or kde's console because
they had dependency issues and also they
had performance issues compared to
things like extern and ur ur-xvt
well termite came out and termite was
really good
termite looked good it had good
performance and it had a really easy
config file that was
it had a lot of options in it it was a
lot easier to configure than fooling
with the x resources file which is how
you configure
both xterm and ur xvt so
i actually ran termite for a while and
it was fantastic i really didn't have a
reason to actually move off of termite
the only reason i
moved off a termite was to explore some
other terminal emulators and
in my exploration i found alacrity which
has kind of become my terminal emulator
my searching now is over i don't ever
plan to move off of alacrity
because it just it really gets
everything right it is
extremely fast you know very good
performance with alacrity now it's
hardware base it does gpu acceleration
so i know some people can't use alacrity
because there are pieces of hardware out
you know there are computers and laptops
out there that alacrity
doesn't run right on so i know it is
dependent on hardware but on all of my
machines alacrity is fantastic
so that's why i'm using alacrity these
days rather than termite but i still
like termite
termite though because it gained such
popularity a few years ago
termite's actually the default terminal
emulator on a number of linux
distributions out there i believe
termite is actually the default terminal
emulator on many of the versions of arco
linux now the problem with this is that
termite now
is officially dead the maintainer of
termide has made the github repository
and he's telling everybody to go and use
rather than termite so he actually
the readme yesterday you can see readme
he has a comment here for the word the
commit message
is termitis did use allequity and he
made a massive edit to the readme where
he explains exactly what is happening
and i'll read a little bit of this he
titled this heading here termite is
obsoleted by alacrity you should use
alacrity instead of termite it has a
keyboard-based selection mode inspired
by termite
and alacrity 0.8 adds a generic regex
hints mode comparable to termites url
hints mode
yada yada yada saying a lot of the cool
features you like in termite
they already exist in this other
terminal emulator called alacrity
he also goes on to say that if you're
using you know tiling window managers
like i3
you know you're looking for a good
terminal emulator and you like to
you know you're going to love alacrity
he also talks about alacrity
being much faster than termite
this is the guy that maintained termite
he's saying hey you know what alacrity
just performs better than termite anyway
he talks about
alacrity being written in rust he also
talks about the fact that termite is
vte based now vte
is a terminal widget library that is
maintained by the gnome
guys it's basically uh the
widget library that the gnome terminal
uses so they have this vte
library and there's some apis to it and
that's what a lot of other terminal
emulators actually use
vte including termite but the problem
that the maintainer of termite mentions
is that the you know trying to work with
some of the gnome devs
was challenging because he wanted things
out of
vte that he just couldn't make work or
asking the gnome devs to fix certain
things and they wouldn't fix
certain things let me just read this uh
this third paragraph here we strongly
recommend against trying to continue the
development of termite with a fork so
he's saying don't fork it don't try to
keep this thing alive
he goes on to say you should contribute
to alacrity instead
vte is a terrible base for building a
modern fast and safe terminal emulator
so he's talking about the vte widget
libraries it's slow
it's brittle it's difficult to improve
vte is treated as simply being the gnome
terminal widget
rather than a library truly intended to
be useful to others so there's
he's saying hey the gnome guys they're
maintaining that library but they're
maintaining it really for the gnome
terminal they're not
interested in helping anybody else that
wants to use that library and he goes on
to say they've gone
out of their way to keep the useful apis
private due to hostility towards
implementing any kind of user interface
beyond what they provide
in 2012 we submitted a tiny patch
exposing the apis needed for the
selection hence mode and other features
so he he links to
i guess this issue that he opened in
and this patch here and it was rejected
and some of the things that he wanted to
do with vte
i guess they rejected they marked it as
won't fix
so this was nine years ago nine years
he's been trying to get some of this
stuff done reading further he goes
quote it's now almost a decade later and
no progress has been made there's no
implementation of these kinds of
features in vte and it's unlikely
they'll be provided either internally or
as flexible apis
this is the tip of the iceberg when it
comes to their hostility toward other
projects using vte as a library so he's
complaining about the gnome project he
says gtk and most of the gnome project
are much of the same
avoid them and don't make the mistake of
thinking their libraries are meant for
others to use so that is a rather
scathing indictment about the gnome
which we've heard these kinds of
complaints about gnome before we know
that there's a lot of really
nasty people that work on various gnome
now i know a lot of you guys probably
are using the termite
terminal emulator so what should you
guys do well
just because the project is dead doesn't
mean the terminal emulator just stops
working right you can keep using termite
the problem is it's not going to receive
any kind of bug fixes uh security fixes
and things like that
so you probably should be exploring
other options
and honestly if you haven't checked out
alacrity the termite div
is right termite and alacrity they're
rather similar as far as you know like
philosophy behind those terminal
emulators and i think you'll end up
liking alacrity
more than you like termite assuming your
hardware supports alacrity because
alacrity is
gpu accelerated which means if
you're got some hardware that supports
alacrity alacrity is going to be
much faster than termite now in most
things you're doing in the terminal
you really can't tell the difference in
speed between one terminal emulator and
but when you're doing really intensive
stuff you know compiling software and
things like that or
you know outputting a million lines of
speed really matters on stuff like that
and you can tell a big difference
between termite and alacrity
on some of those kinds of performance
tests so i recommend you guys
check out alacrity you can also check
out kitty which is similar to
alacrity it's gpu accelerated and it's a
nice terminal emulator but
it's going to have the same problems you
know if alacrity doesn't work for you
chances are kitty is not going to work
for you either because both of them are
gpu accelerated so
if you've got some kind of weird
hardware that alacrity and kitty
neither one of those work on then
honestly i would probably recommend
the suckless st terminal the simple
terminal that is
provided by suckless it's actually a
pretty good terminal emulator you do
have to patch it a little bit
for some basic functionality but the
patching isn't that difficult and once
you have st
patched it's a pretty dang good terminal
for those of you that are running linux
distributions that ship with termite out
of the box maybe termites the default
terminal emulator on the system
i strongly recommend you guys go tell
the maintainers of your
linux distributions that termite is dead
and they they probably need to start
exploring other options now
you know so that in upcoming releases of
their distributions
maybe they'll move to alacrity or some
terminal emulator that is actually being
developed now before i go i need to
thank a few special people i need to
thank absie dallas gay blue mitchell
alan akami arch 5530 chuck david the
other david dilling gregory lewis paul
polly tech scott steven smith wes and
willy they are the producers of this
episode without these guys
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termite being dead
it wouldn't have been possible the show
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