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Created 11 months, 2 weeks ago — expires in 17 days
Hey Allan and Benedict,

I installed FreeBSD on my home laptop and installed the PF firewall to protect it. I also bought the book on PF, which is mainly written for OpenBSD but I thought, since PF has been ported from OpenBSD to FreeBSD, it does not really matter.

Apparently though, the PF version on FreeBSD is a lot older than the one on OpenBSD, and it thus still uses the old syntax. I know I really should email the port owner/maintainer about this but perhaps you guys have some insights to share as well.

Is there a good reason for not porting the latest version of PF to FreeBSD? Is it because of a lack of time or interest, or is there just no need for porting the latest and greatest version as there are no real performance or feature benefits?

Thank you and best regards,