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Hello good people of BSD NOW,

Thank you for this show, that has been entertaining and educating me since B.B. (before Benedict). I have been using open source OSs since I have been a teenager, mostly Linux though. Unfortunately, I only got a chance to use Open source OSs professionally during an internship in once, never in my day job.

Recently I was able to make some positive change at the company I work for, by installing a FreeNAS Server. Hurray! The server used to be the ESXi host for 8 Windows Server guests in the office. We are now using the server for Backups and Network Storage.

Since the server has the capacity, I thought of virtualizing some things using bhyve with limited success. I ran a Windows Server 2012 R2 guest and had heavy performance issues until using the "timer tool". The Server was used for some tests and the performance issues did not hinder the tests much. After successful testing the guest was deleted. I then tried to use ZoneMinder running on an Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS guest. This Guest also ran awefully slow despite not being heavy on RAM, CPU, etc. usage. Since I did not want to spend too much time on it, I decided to just use the ZoneMinder plugin instead. Surprisingly with the same slow result.

At this point I assume it has to do with a subobtimal ZFS configuration and the fact that I just don't have enough understanding of ZFS. Would you agree with this or could I use another guest OS for bhyve.

Other than reading several books, could you point me to some decent tutorials, that outline a scenario similar to mine. I am a learning-by-doing kind of guy and try to get my hands dirty before diving into the theory. Yes, things blow up sometimes this way but that's fun to watch.