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ZFS rosetta stone

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Hello Benedict, Allan, and JT,

I am re-reading Allan and MWL's ZFS books  to refamiliarize myself before delving into the Jails book. Even after all of these years, there is so much information. The books are still like drinking from a fire hose, even after all these years.

For me, the problem in ZFS is threefold. First, I generally do a tiny subset of ZFS commands. So when I need to do something not on that list, I have to search. Second, ZFS can be like one of those Matryoshka nesting dolls. Commands can be so similar, for instance, zfs list and zpool list, yet have different outputs. Third, ZFS is so darn reliable that there are many things that I don't do for years. Last week, I did my first drive replacement in years.

I am compiling notes as I encounter things in ZFS, but would like to see aomw kind of rosetta stone document with as many of the more common tasks and information in a short-format document. Is there any such thing out there?