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Use the support ticket form.


See the "Solutions section in the help portal.


Use dpaste.com to share pieces of code in chat rooms, forums, and the like, without pastebombing the conversation. Your submission will be given a nice short URL like dpaste.com/37EEH47.

You can set expiration from 1 day to 365 days (7 days is the default). After that it's deleted from our database and its URL will return a 404.

After you paste into the Content field, dpaste will automatically set the Syntax menu if it can. You can turn this feature off on the preferences page.

There's a simple RESTful API for creating new pastes.

All paste URLs are "private". The IDs are non-sequential, and the links are not published anywhere on the site.

See the Terms of Service for prohibited uses.


On your history and preferences page you can set defaults for: expiry length, syntax choice, and name/email/nick. You can also turn the syntax-guessing feature on or off there.


Scripts and Tools

See the dpaste-tools repository for handy scripts and tools, like dpaste.sh, the CLI tool.