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Use dpaste.com to share pieces of code in chat rooms, forums, and the like, without pastebombing the conversation. You get a nice short URL like dpaste.com/1S2BP7E. All paste URLs are "private" (non-sequential). You can set expiration from 1 day to 365 days (7 days is the default).

There's also a simple RESTful API for creating new pastes.



A lot of pieces have to come together to make even a simple web application like this. Here's a big unordered list:

Language: Python. Framework: Django. Syntax coloring: Pygments. WSGI server: Gunicorn. Reverse proxy web server: nginx. Static files: Amazon S3. Database: SQLite. Operating system: FreeBSD. Hosting: JohnCompanies. Base 32 conversion for IDs: basewhat. Hashing: MurmurHash. Administration tooling: Fabric. Process control: Supervisor. Version control: Mercurial. Project hosting: Bitbucket.

For more details, see my blog post "The story of dpaste.com 2.0".


This site was created in 2006 by me, Paul Bissex. I wanted Django coders in Freenode's #django IRC channel to have a pastebin written in their favorite framework. I wanted it to be simple, useful, and stable. By Django 1.0, the "Share this traceback" button using dpaste.com was added to Django's debug page, and remains there today.

You can send comments, questions, and exorbitant acquisition offers via email. The address is my initials @ this domain.