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A lot of pieces have to come together to make even a simple pastebin...

Language: Python. Framework: Django. Syntax coloring: Pygments. Base 32 conversion for IDs: basewhat. Hashing for IDs: MurmurHash. WSGI server: Gunicorn. Reverse proxy web server: nginx. Database: SQLite. Administration tooling: Fabric. Process control: Supervisor. Version control: Mercurial. Project hosting: Bitbucket. Static hosting: Amazon S3. Application hosting: JohnCompanies FreeBSD VPS.

For more details, see my blog post "The story of dpaste.com 2.0".


I created the first dpaste in 2006. I wanted Django coders in Freenode's #django IRC channel to have a pastebin written in their favorite framework. I wanted it to be simple, useful, and stable. By Django 1.0, the "Share this traceback" button using dpaste.com was added to Django's debug page, and remains there today.

I welcome comments and questions — Paul Bissex, pb@dpaste.com.