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About FuguIta, I may have mentioned this in the chat room during an episode 2-3 weeks ago following an undeadly post about OpenBSD on the Acer Aspire One. FuguIta is a great liveboot project and works amazingly even on old hardware, although the usual wifi firmware issues with OpenBSD can make it difficult as a liveCD/USB OS.

While not OpenBSD, something else I've found that works even better on my legacy i386 netbooks is (was?) NetBSD Jibbed--unfortunately, it seems to be defunct for a few years. While it is now badly outdated, depending on your use case, it can still be useful now. I got a comfortable setup going with X and some modern graphical browsers in about 2GB of RAM. Wifi just works, and it has amazing battery life and monitoring tools. Live distros of various BSD flavors make it easy to see what neat features the various other projects have, without having to commit hardware to running them all.
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