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Thanks guys for a great show. After Chris Fisher dissed FreeBSD so much I just had to try it out, dual booting with elementary os. I used cooltrainer.org to bootstrap (get her on the show !), rather than trueos due to old and low memory thinkpad t400 with ufs. I ran into a few noob issues
1 - ntfs-3G vs mount -t ntfs ... for thumb drives the latter works, but for a USB hd I had to use the former. Why would a direct mount behave different than the fuse mount?
2 - it took quite a few times to figure out my ISP DNS was not unbound compatible, and to use local_unbound_forwarders in rc.conf. Soooo...
a) did I miss it or is the installer not detecting isp DNS issues?
b) local_unbound_forwarders seems to only inject the first IPv4 DNS. I'm using a double quoted list, space separated of mixed IPv4 and IPv6 DNS providers (google, open DNS, etc). Any suggestions to inject a IPv6 DNS address?
Thanks again and keep up the good work!
(PS: no need to prioritize these, but you were asking for more questions...)
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