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Hi Guys,

As always, thanks for the great show.  It's hard to believe that
you've not missed a single episode in all this time, you guys rock!

I've been struggling with a specific aspect of the FreeBSD install for
some time but I've not wanted to bother you with it because it seems
like something that should not be an issue, but, since you regularly
solicit questions, here you go.

The last several FreeBSD installs I've attempted all started out with
the intention of putting FreeBSD on a ZFS filesystem.  Every one of
them resulted in FreeBSD on a UFS filesystem.  Here's how the
experience typically goes.

Download the latest 12.1 memstick image.
Use dd to copy it to a USB stick.
Boot from that.
Hit return a couple of times to get to the menu where I select the install type.
Pick "Auto (ZFS)".
Poke around menus for a while and come to the realization that there
is no way to select a partition on the NVMe drive, it's either all or
Pick "Auto (UFS)" because I need to have other OSs on the drive too
and I don't have the time/knowledge to go through the manual steps.

The sad part is that this capability on UFS has worked flawlessly
since the mid 90s.  Is there any way to get the UFS side of the team
to talk to the ZFS side of the team?
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