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I'm Eddy, a Linux user for more than 15 years, software engineer with experience with embedded systems for about the same time, I've been listening to the BSDNow show for at least the last 2 years while searching for some door to try BSD. Recently I became a dad, so free time for experimenting with BSD is very low. I think also have a very short attention span, which that doesn't help either, so when I saw you provided links to the videos from EuroBSDCon 2017, I was glad.

I know you're not the responsible people for the videos from EuroBSDCon 2017, but I don't know who to contact.

I was planning to watch some of the EuroBSDCon 2017 videos you linked to in the episode 213 The French CONnection, but I have seen today they are no longer available. I know at least some of them were available when you published the episode. Do you know what happened? Will they be restored?

In my view, the availability of presentations and recordings about BSD can help a lot in bringing new people and ideas to the BSDs.

Is there a canonical place of links to the videos from the various BSD conferences?

About my efforts to try to use BSD, since I own 2 pine64plus boards, but I'm not yet ready to dive into BSD 100%, I tried first using NetBSD, but aarch64 support is still not published in NetBSD, recently I tried transplanting the aarch64 support from FreeBSD into NetBSD, but stopped. Now I am trying to add cross build build support for FreeBSD from Linux (the code I have now is at https://github.com/eddyp/freebsd/commits/linux-fixes), but I think I need some help and guidance since I am unfamiliar with the FreeBSD build system and the way things are deployed from source to the final rootfs layout.

Currently I am particularly interested in materials regarding cross building from Linux (I am the person behind the efforts related to NetBSD and Linksys NSLU2 presented in the episode 89), I know there is an idea regarding cross building the FreeBSD from Linux on the FreeBSD wiki (https://wiki.freebsd.org/IdeasPage#Cross-building_FreeBSD_from_Linux_and.2For_Mac_OSX) which lists Brooks Davis as contact, but I couldn't find any contact info.

Help is appreciated, Eddy
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