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Hello Benedict and Allan

I was just filing out the 2019 community survey and noticed the
question on user laptop brands. Question i have is if the FreeBSD
foundation has considered in the past (or is currently considering)
reaching out to any laptop vendor to make a "BSD friendly" laptop?

By BSD friendly i mean HW that doesn't have anything locked on BIOS
(preventing any OS to be loaded/installed) and HW devices not
requiring blobs (or on the very worst case, if no other way around
blobs, at least have blobs whose license would allow it to be shipped
on any BSD). I dont expect any vendor to go extra miles to fully
support every different OS they're not used to.

I know ideally anyone should buy whatever laptop from whatever brand
they choose to and FreeBSD "would just work" on it, but was pondering
if getting some level of users flocking to a particular brand or two
would be of interest to both the vendor (as there would be increase
sales/revenue on their side) as well as the community (more users
using similar HW would lead to more targeted driver/feature support
and stability).

I would personally prefer to buy a laptop that may not be 100% what i
am looking for in terms of HW, but being 100% FreeBSD friendly. I
would imagine have 2 to 3 options from 1 or 2 different vendors would
make life easier for the users. By the 2-3 option i mean a "budget" or
"compact" option (similar to lower end chromebooks), a "mid-range" and
a "high-end" for folks that require more horse power out of their

As always thanks for the great show you guys make every week !!

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