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Hey crew,

Thanks so much for the show. It's really great to hear you guys talk about and encourage the community, keep it up (:

I've been a longtime Linux user and admin but have also become pretty enamored of ZFS, and run FreeNAS in a couple key areas in client sites and internally at our MSP and ISP in New Zealand and AU. I also use it at home for everything I can from VM backing to media storage.

 We have one client with major offices in both NZ and AU. The decision was made for both sites to have the "same" NAS - e.g., to keep them in sync so artists in either country could work together round-tripping on the same project, doing different parts of the workflow (e.g., cutting in AU and 3d effects in NZ). Since this is in Media/Entertainment, we're talking about 80TB of active data, and a few dozen artists/users.

Right now the system is running Resilio Connect and syncing two Windows fileservers. It's working, but personally I find the solution distasteful :)

We do have another site already running a TrueNAS and they have a small but growing office in the US. How can I set up a "real time" bidirectional sync between two ZFS systems running *BSD? 

Kind regards and thanks again,

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