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Hi Allan, Benedict, and JT,

Here is your daily dose of ZFS question goodnes. I'm searching for an answer to this, but I thought I would ask Allan, and provide feedback to the show. 

So to preface, I bought two more drives for my FreeNAS. My current configuration is 4 3TB drives in a RAID-Z2. This was due to a combination of advice when I was first starting out (like not to do RAID-Z with drives over 1TB) and budgetary considerations. So in the meantime, I have bought another two drives. I plan to destroy the existing VDEV and recreate a RAID-Z2 with 4 data drives and 2 parity drives.

So since I have to destroy my pool, I have been backing up via zfs send from the FreeNAS to a  USB drive on my desktop machine (TrueOS). I get confirmation through zfs list, however the drive appears empty (as does my life preserver send to the FreeNAS), and zfs list  -o name,mounted,mountpoint shows Mounted: no.

So my question is, when I destroy and recreate the zpool with the new drives included, and do a zfs send back to the restored zpool, how do I write the data directly to the filesystem? Is it safe to assume that the file permissions and ownership are preserved across sends? 

To sum up, I have this send on an external hard drive, and I want to destroy the pool on the FreeNAS, add two drives, recreate the RAID-Z2, and restore the contents of the pool. What is the best way to get from where I am to that point?

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