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Hey Guys,

I was listening to episode 201 this morning on my way into work and was intrigued by the section that talked about getting pulled into contributing to one of the BSDs and getting over imposter syndrome.

I'm definitely interested in working on FreeBSD but I'm not really sure where to start (or even what to start on) since I tend to have an interest in more topics than I have time to pursue. I also am fully aware of the effects of imposter syndrome since most of my programming skills have been self taught through the laborious process of banging my head against the desk while debugging my code. Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated. As an aside I live in south east Michigan (in the states),

Keep up the great work on the show!


ps - I'm now a full time FreeBSD user (in part) due to this show. I had been wanting to use FreeBSD as my daily driver but had been going back and forth between Debian and FreeBSD. BSD Now definitely helped me stay motivated to work through the process of learning FreeBSD :)
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