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Hi Allan, Benedict and JT,

too late for this weeks episode (they
came to mind Tuesday 7 PM Benedikt-
Time and then I forgot about writing
this email, too…^^") but here are three
questions for you:

1) Will VNET/VIMAGE be enabled by
   default in 12.0-RELEASE? Or at least
   compiled into GENERIC so it can be
   enabled via a tunable in loader.conf?
   Or are there roadblockers left?

2) Do you know of a way to downgrade
   from CURRENT to STABLE when a
   new release comes up? Like stopping
   to follow CURRENT when the new
   stable branch is cut? Preferably
   without reinstalling the system of

3) What about moving the outdated
   tutorials to github so listeners can
   update them? What format are they're
   written in anyway? Plain, handcrafted
   HTML? DocBook? troff? Markdown?
   We listeners could even convert them
   to something easier to use (and well
   supported by GitHub and a lot of
   tools) like markdown if it's currently
   something more cumbersome to update.

Kind regards from Berlin,
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