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Hi Benedict, Allan,

First, I want to thank you for the many years of high-quality content! I'm a computer engineer by study, and I spend plenty of time hacking the Linux kernel at school and at work. I've just discovered your show recently, and you've given me a sort of voyeuristic fascination with the goings on in the BSD world. Come the end of the semester, when I don't depend so heavily on my Debian-based toolchain for kernel hacking, I'm planning to give FreeBSD a whirl so I can try out all the neat tricks y'all show off with ZFS, jails, and virtual networking.

But, I digress. My question is simply whether or not you're aware of a good FOSS two-factor authentication program, or, failing that, a one-time password generator. I'd love something that could integrate with PAM, so that I can protect SSH servers with a second factor of authentication, but I'm also interested in anything that either or you might be aware of!

Many thanks and best wishes,
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