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Hi Allan, Benedict and JT!

As always: Thanks for all your efforts to make a great show every week (and also to the Jupiter Broadcasting people behind the scenes)! While the weekly dose of *BSD news has been very interesting for years, I currently appreciate a lot that you're keeping us updated on what happens on the Meltdown/Spectre front. That's particularly helpful.

I'm a little behind on the episodes right now due to moving houses. But here's what I actually wanted to write in: You've been talking about how great conferences are often enough that I made the decision last year to attend my first one. You've also mentioned more than once that field reports by first timers can be valuable for other people. I enjoy hearing those, too, so here's just a little bit on that topic from me:

The FFG (Link in English: https://guug.de/veranstaltungen/index.html) is an annual conference organized by the German Unix User Group for over 2 decades. It is not a *BSD conference but covers topics about *nix in general. I thought that it would be a good idea to pick a first conference that's not abroad to keep the traveling costs low (and attending one where people speak your native language probably helps, too). I had a great time and got a lot of input on various topics. Not a problem really, but a bit of a pity: I felt a little alone among all those penguins (until I met some Solaris folks later who proved to be more interesting dialog partners :)).

Except for way too little non-Linux talks I liked my first conference a lot and would also recommend attending one. That's why for this year I decided to wave the flag of *BSD and submit a talk ("FreeBSD pitfalls for penguin folk") - and it was accepted. If anybody is interested in attending, too: The FFG is on March 1st and 2nd in Leipzig (and Februray 28th for a workshop day). I'd certainly love to meet some more BSD people there!

BTW: Where were you last year, Benedict? You're traveling around the world for conferences and I really expected to see you around on a Unix conference that took place at - the TU Darmstadt! ;)

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