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Love your show. I wonder if you could go back to do some simple tutorials like you used to. I would much appreciate tutorials on ZFS, pfsense, hardware and hard drive burn in tips.

Now my questions.

1. I have a freeNAS with 16xWD red 3TB and 6Tb for storage. I run owncloud, nextcloud, plex, NFS and SMB services. I have 8 more empty bays for 2.5' drives and a bunch of 64 and 128 GB SSD (new and used).
As I'm building a proxmox server for testing and learning, should I create a new pool in freeNAS just for the SSD's or should I merge everything into 1 pool. If I join everything into 1 single pool, how can I make sure the files on my dataset for the VM's is only on SSD's and not on the WD red?

2. In my company (also has a freeNAS similar to mine, since I built both but this one is only running SMB services), 1 of the WD red started sending too much errors. I bought another WD red same size, burned it in (took 80+ hours) and replaced. Now it is re-silvering and it says it should take up to 6 hours. My question: what should I do with the old drive? Can I reuse it for desktop? I think it should work OK not not good enough for the ZFS system, I guess? What is your opinion on this?

3. Is there anything like proxmox for BSD? (with that awesome webgui)
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