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After listening to last week’s show (23 August), I had a question. For the gentleman who wrote in regarding naming storage pools after starship registrations, are those pools specific to function?  For example, would NCC1701 be reserved for Enterprise storage?

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Question regarding jail setup-for the handbook page listed here:

In the section about extracting distro files:

To install just the base system:
# tar -xf /mnt/usr/freebsd-dist/base.txz -C $DESTDIR
To install everything except the kernel:
# for sets in BASE PORTS; do tar -xf /mnt/FREEBSD_INSTALL/USR/FREEBSD_DIST/$sets.TXZ -C $DESTDIR ; done

Should the second path be:

That appears to be where the tar files are when mounting 11.1-RELEASE.
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