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Hey Guys,

Love the show.  I’ve learned so much listening to you that I have switched to
ZFS as my root for my existing Ubuntu server.  Everything has been great and I rest easier knowing my data is secure and has been working great for many years now.  As happens to all of us, I’m running low on space and some of the drives have almost 8 years of “on time”.  So I’m trying to replace the old drives with larger new ones by swapping them out one at a time.

I have 4 drives in 2 mirrored vdevs and the issue I have is that my motherboard only has 4 sata connectors.  I know that I could just remove a disk and have it resilver from the other mirror, but that would be leaving me open to data loss during that time.

I could get an sata riser but I have a usb hard drive dock on hand and thought I could just temporarily use that to sync the drives.   Everywhere I read says that you are to add disks to your pool by-id (which is how all the existing drives are labeled). However when I look at the Id of the new drive in the dock, it prepends “usb” to the id due to the interface.  None of the other disks have the usb label.  So my question is, can I replace the disk and have ZFS recognize the disk after I connect it directly to the sata interface?   If it won’t “just work”, what would I need to do so ZFS could find the drive again?   I have read that you can export and import the pool again and force the by-I’d labels.  What that work for this label change?    Sorry about the long winded email for a relatively basic question.


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