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Hello Allan, Benedict, and JT,

I wanted to update you on the question I asked in 220 about my TrueOS system. I was able, with a lot of help from Kris Moore and Team TrueOS, to resolve the situation. What ended up happening was that they removed all dependencies on gcc-ecj in the last unstable update. So I no longer had to remove that package (or any of the others).

This also resolved the issue where all of the KDE packages were getting uninstalled, but only on my laptop. This was because the kde package that was getting uninstalled was the kde metapackage, which left all of the actual kde pacakges orphaned, and the updater dutifully removed them. So, as you said, going forward, this shouldn't be an issue.

I have a second question, about the best approach to upgrading the drives in my freenas. Right now, I have 4 3TB drives in a RAID-Z2. Since I have a backup of the pool, I was considering getting a two or 4 more 3TB drives nuking the pool, and adding the new  existing drives to the existing ones. The other option would be to replace the drives with 4 or 6TB drives. I want to extend the pool to at least 4 data drives, since a 4 drive RAID-Z2 just seems silly. What are your thoughts on drive layout?

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