Troels - Features of FreeBSD 11.2 that deserve a mention

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Hi Allan and Benedict.
I just finished listening to your latest episode of BSDNow, where you talked about FreeBSD 11.2. However, I feel that there are several features that were not mentioned, neither by you nor in the official release notes that really do deserve being mentioned.

A big one for me is that with 11.2 we get compressed send/receive and device removal for ZFS in a -RELEASE version.

There are two smaller changes that I have been looking forward to:

The updated ixl driver provides support for the 10 GbE NIC in the Atom C3000 Denverton platform.

I like older AMD Opteron hardware (Even more so these days of Spectre and Meltdown!), and in 11.2 there is a small, but very useful bugfix ( ) that resolves a problem, which has been present in several releases at this point, where FreeBSD (Even the installer!) has been unable to boot in a VM under KVM on Linux when running on AMD Opteron systems. The only workaround so far has been to expose the CPU as a REALLY old Opteron series and thus miss out on CPU optimizations.

Finally, a quick ZFS question if I may:
I have heard Allan mention being able to change compression algorithms on the receiving system when doing ZFS send/receive, I think the example was using gzip for an archive and lz4 for the live data. How can I accomplish this?

Best regards,
Troels, Denmark
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