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Hi guys,

Big fan, been listening to the show ever since I first heard of it 5 years ago. I think I'm the only FreeBSD user in my country (Jordan) so listening to the show makes me feel at home and motivated. Thanks for all the awesome work, keep it up.

Now for the question, I have two servers for two different clients, one is a VPS running PHPList, the other is a dedicated server running a Drupal site, every now and then they just freeze, if I try to SSH to them the session just stalls, so my nagios check doesn't send me an alert, even using the console or pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del don't help. I have to power cycle them.

Other than FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE, nginx, PHP and MariaDB, the only common thing is the following message:

kernel: [1872057] sonewconn: pcb 0xfffff812b5c105b8: Listen queue overflow: 6145 already in queue awaiting acceptance (1 occurrences)

I have faced this error before but it usually didn't freeze the servers. I have kern.ipc.soacceptqueue=4096 to handle temporary spikes. When I did this for another client the extra connections would just be dropped and the server would at least be reachable.

Any idea what I'm missing?

BTW, I recently got my Canadian PR so will hopefully see you guys at BSDCan this year, fingers crossed.
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