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Update on my email of yesterday...

I just tried the latest TrueOS snapshot (1st June). The good news is the
installation process and booting of the system afterwards is much smoother
(although I had to wipe the original install/partition from Windows in order
for the USB boot to work - otherwise it wanted to keep using the zfs root
from the disk).

Post installation I selected intel video driver (suggested was vesa) and
this works fine. Default fonts are tiny on the 3200x1800 screen. Trackpad,
including 2 finger scrolling and tap to click works, as does sound.

However, still no wireless or bluetooth devices, no touchscreen, no SD card.
According to pciconf -lv, the wireless is a "Qualcomm Atheros QCA6172 802.11ac
Wireless Network Adapter". This is apparently in the linux ath10k driver
but that hasn't made it to any of the BSDs.

The card reader is "Realtek RTS525A PCI Express Card Reader".

Hope that helps for anyone wondering about the XPS 13.
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