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Hi Allan

Thanks very much for contributing to that Phoronix thread! It's always
nice to hear from someone who actually knows what they're talking
about in such discussions!

I have some good news! I am currently looking into switching away from
Arch to using TrueOS as my main OS at home! I've already been running
FreeBSD 11 on my NAS for a year or so but last night I was testing
some stuff under Arch, I installed a bunch of packages and desktops
only to find my install borked upon reboot - I couldn;'t even get to a
login prompt, nevermind X. Not good! Where are my ZFS bootenvs when I
need them? Not under Linux, at least not without a lot of messing and
ZFS is poorly supported under Linux in comparison to FreeBSD and
TrueOS, as you well know. So, I stayed up late last night and I
installed the latest TrueOS. I'm happy to report that one major
potential hurdle to me adopting it as my main OS at home has already
been cleared as my Haswell GPU is working fine as I have successfully
tested the playback of a few different 4K h264 video files under mpv
without it breaking a sweat or dropping frames on my UHD, external
display. A promising start!

I've not tested the wifi just yet but it is showing nearby access
points so I presume that works but I use a wired connection at home so
thats not a priority for me. All my hardware seems to be working so
far and I think there is just one more thing I need to get working to
switch from Linux (at home, at least) and that is MTP support so that
I can easily transfer files to and from my Android (LG G4) phone via
USB. Last time I tried this under FreeBSD (when 11 was in testing) I
failed to get any of the various FreeBSD MTP clients to work so I'm
hoping there has been some progress in that respect under 12/HEAD.
I'll be testing this tonight so I can let you (and Kris) know how I
get on later.

Ideally, I'd like to switch my work box from Linux to FreeBSD/TrueOS
too but there seems to be a blocker there and that is that I need to
be able to use a USB headset with Skype for Business under a Windows
VM. This works great with both qemu/KVM and VB under Linux but it
doesn't seem this is possible under bhyve or FBSD VB yet. My research
tells me its only possible under bhyve if you have the right type of
USB chipset as a PCI device and you are able to pass that through but
thats not an option for me (my work box doesn't have any PCI slots)
and as far as I can tell, USB passthrough used to work under FBSD/VB
but that is no longer the case. I don't suppose you have any
suggestions to potentially get USB passthrough working in a Windows

Feel free to use this on BSDNow if you want, if its not already been
covered or you have additional info since the last person asked.

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