Christopher - Virtualizing FreeNAS

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Hi guys! Love the show, I appreciate a podcast that's doesn't hold back on getting deep into the nerdy details. Please keep it up. I'm trying to install FreeNAS in my home for backing up my photos, but I won't be in a position to purchase hardware anytime soon, so I'm considering virtualizing it on my desktop. I want to dedicate three HDDs in raidZ1 to freeNAS and use a separate hard drive for the desktop oses (dual booting between winders 7 with vmware and xen with fedora as dom0). The box had 32gb of ram which I would hope would be sufficient. But can I do pci passthrough on both host OS's and when FreeNAS loads the zpool from the disk it will just work? Can I even do pci passthrough with sata drives connected directly to mobo Sata hearers using xen and create? Hoping you could direct me to something that isn't liable to corrupt my zpools and trash my photos.
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