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information based on Allan's IRC response:

16:21 <@AllanJude> re earlier question: it is fine to add 2x 4TB
drives to your 2x 1TB mirror pool sure, you'll get more IOPS
16:21 <@AllanJude> the downside is any data already on the mirror will
only exist on the first drives
16:22 <@AllanJude> if you are not in a hurry, one option is install
the new drives

^^^^^^^ Note I just added int the 2 4TB drives and created another
16:22 <@AllanJude> use zpool replace to replace each of the 1TB drives
with the 4TB drives
16:22 <@AllanJude> so you have a pool of 2x 4TB with data on it
16:22 <@AllanJude> then
16:22 <@AllanJude> re-add the 1TB drives as the new empty drives
16:22 <@AllanJude> and it will be a little less unbalanced as far as
free space
16:22 <@AllanJude> but that is probably not worth the effort
16:23 <@AllanJude> you can always replace the 2x1TB drives in a few
years with like 2x 8TB drives or something

16:04 <@AllanJude> but if you want to remove the 1TB drives to make
space, connect 1 new drive, and do 'zpool replace poolname 1tbdisk
newdisk' (with all 3 disks connected)
16:04 <@AllanJude> this will do a safe online replacement, and offline
the old 1tb drive when it is done
16:04 <@AllanJude> then you can disconnect the 1TB, and connect the
2nd new drive
16:04 <@AllanJude> repeat
16:05 <@AllanJude> then you have a mirror of just 2 new drives
16:05 <@AllanJude> and you can consider adding the 2x old 1TB drives
back if you can get the extra power connector or whatever

17:01 < Shirkdog> AllanJude: that process for zfs replace the same if
I am dealing with "zpool->mirror-0>(ada0,ada1)"
17:02 <@AllanJude> Shirkdog: right
17:02 <@AllanJude> you'd attach a new disk, so ada2
17:02 <@AllanJude> and do: zpool replace poolname ada0 ada2
17:02 <@AllanJude> or similar
17:02 <@AllanJude> then you'd have zpool->mirror-0->(ada2,ada1)
17:02 <@AllanJude> then you can physically detach the sata cable and
power from ada0, and plug in your 2nd big drive, which may either
become ada0 or ada3
17:02 <@AllanJude> and replace ada1

17:03 <@AllanJude> then if you manage to get a power connector to
connect all 4 drives
17:03 <@AllanJude> you can add the 2x1TB back as mirror-1
17:03 <@AllanJude> zpool poolname add mirror adaX adaY
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