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As always I really enjoy the show. Please keep up the good work. 

I recently watched episode 237 "AsiaBSDcon 2018". And when I listened to the feedback section I thought of a couple questions.

In response to Andre's question Allan mentions using a storage shelf to expand the storage capacity of his server. I have a SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SL7-F-O motherboard in my FreeNAS server. It has 8 x SAS2 (6 Gbps) ports via LSI 2308 and 6 SATA ports from the chipset. I also have an M1015 which I could install for another 8 SAS ports. The problem is that my 4U rackmount case only has 15 3.5" bays of which only 12 are usable with good air flow. I am above 87% used space in my primary pool. Is there a cheap storage shelf or server case that either of you could recommend to give me more drive bays?

In response to Morgan's question Allan mentions "the Lenovo fix" and "GPT active" as potential workarounds for Morgan's problem installing FreeBSD on a server that has something wrong with it's UEFI implementation. I have an older Dell laptop that may be suffering from a similar problem. I have been trying to install TrueOS on it for a few years now but it does not work. I want to dual boot with windows so I can't really use MBR since my drive is GPT formatted. Every time I try to install TrueOS it seems to install but when it tries to boot after the boot loader the screen gets garbled. I have tried to get help via the TrueOS forums but nobody seems to be able to figure it out. Do you know if TrueOS has these 2 workarounds available or if they would even help in my case?
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