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To the BSDNow Team:

As a viewer of the show, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all the work you put into keeping it going.  I hope that you never doubt the value of the show, but should you ever question whether your time would be better spent cutting code, know this:
It is especially important to those of us who do not work exclusively in tech to hear you advocate for various technologies, to hear first-hand from key developers about their priorities and progress, and to hear you opine on potential configurations or help solve listeners' roadblocks
It has encouraged me to introduce BSD into my environment and to do more programming, personally and professionally
It has convinced me of the importance of code quality in production systems
It has turned me into a stakeholder as an annual financial contributor
And finally, it led me to get more involved in my local tech community
One of my favorite guests on BSDNow (no surprise here) is Bryan Cantrill--I recently enjoyed the reruns in the form of The Cantrillogy on a long road trip.  I had been saving it for such an occasion: so much better than country music, radio evangelism, and conservative talk radio through rural America.  Admittedly a low standard to beat--no offense--that's just what's on the air...

Imagine my surprise, then, when I noticed my local tech community was putting on a conference here in Pittsburgh, PA with one Bryan Cantrill "headlining" the first day of speakers.  I bought a ticket and attended the event.  It was well worth it.  I got to see several excellent speakers that I never thought would come out to Pittsburgh.  Of course, Bryan did not disappoint.  His presentation exceeded all expectations, and I even had a chance to chat with him briefly earlier in the day.  I let him know I enjoyed his appearances on BSDNow.

Like Bryan, I too am the son of a physician, so I very much enjoy Bryan's medical anecdotes.  He struck the perfect balance between hilarity and gravity in a profound talk about consequence of what happens at the hardware-level in diagnosing problems in information systems.  Firmware bugs are no doubt troubling.  As I understand it, videos from the talks will be made available.  I highly recommend it to your viewers.

The name of the conference was Uptime ( and the talk was Zebras All The Way Down: The engineering challenges of the datapath.

PS- If you've listened to Bryan speak, you know he averages about 200 words per minute.  The presentations were being live-captioned on a projector house right throughout the event and it was especially entertaining to watch someone try to live-caption a Cantrill speech.
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