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Hello Allan and Benedict,

Many thanks for the great show. I have a couple of questions:

1) I second what Steve mentioned in episode 223 about VirtualBox not
being very solid on FreeBSD, so I think the focus should shift towards
bhyve/vmm instead. For that, what does one need to know to become a
virtualization developer? All the books talk about administrating
virtual environments but not developing them. For example, what does
one need to do to add support for a new guest OS? Appreciate if you
could shed some lights on the subject and point to any resources that
might help.

2) What is the state of FreeBSD's Highly Available Storage (HAST), as
it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the show. Is it still viable/being
developed? did ZFS features replace the need for it?

3) Wouldn't it be nice if iXsystems could build PCs and laptops that
are 100% compatible with free operating systems (the major ones at
least), so people don't have to worry about BIOSes, drivers, and the
likes, when shopping for a computer to run their favourite OS on? They
can be built to order as well like the servers.

Thanks again and best regards,
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