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Problem is that IIRC bhyve does not emulate a "proper"
EFI firmware that can store settings in some non-volatile
area at all. Most important the boot path, i.e. the location
of the boot loader in the EFI FAT partition.

Regular server firmware/BIOSes do this.

So the problem I faced when running Ubuntu inside bhyve
in Corrall was that Ubuntu installs it's boot loader into


while bhyve not being able to store that information anywhere
always looks in the EFI default boot path, namely


It might be possible to move stuff around but I was reluctant
to do so because I did not want to mess with bits that
"belonged" to my Ubuntu installation and were supposed to
be managed and maintained by the Ubuntu system.

REFInd to the rescue! This is a dedicated EFI first stage
boot manager that can then bootstrap more or less
arbitrary second stage OS specific boot loaders.
I installed that one in the default location, found that
I was able to call Grub from there and boot my Linux
system. After that I fiddled with the settings just a little
bit. You can eliminate unwanted entries from the boot
menu, set a default second stage loader, set a timeout,
provide icons for your various operating systems if this
should be a multi-OS installation ... all that stuff.

Hope that helps, have fun,
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