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Question about jails and kernel

At the time when FreeBSD 11.2 was released to the public I was given a new project. I choose to install my project in an iocage jail and to avoid upgrading to 11.2 soon I choose 11.2 image from the iocage list and install the project to this 11.2 base image. The host at that time was 11.1 (I think). Well, I completed with the installation, tested that everything worked and did one more test – reboot the whole server. I rebooted the whole server - everything came back except the iocage jails. After some investigation I discovered that iocage didn’t allow jail to have never kernel that the host. It was a bug in iocage’s implementation (now fixed). Now my question.
Why jail’s kernel can’t be never that host’s? Why jail’s kernel can be older than host’s? I managed to install never kernel on a host (because of a bug in implementation) and it worked before I rebooted and then iocage saw that the kernel is never. Perhaps there are some specifics about iocage, but I would still like to hear why jail’s kernel can’t be never than host’s?

Thank you.
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