Jeremy - Replacing drive in a zpool

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First off thank you for all the good shows and please keep up the good work!!

My questions comes in with this I have a small home server running Ubuntu with ZFS on my storage drives (just to stop you there I tried freeBSD first but I had got the wrong card and it did not have the driver and no way I could find to fix it out side of buying a new card that I did not have the money for as of yet but Ubuntu did work for now...)
Back to my question I have 4 drives in there in two mirror's two of the drives are a 2TB the ohter two are a 1TB I got a gift of two 4TB drives and want to replace the 1TB's but don't have room even for one more drive to swap out. Can I connect one of the 4TB drives with a USB and zpool replace one of the 1TB drives and then install both 4TB drives in the server and then repair the mirror in ZFS.

I have seen guides on line for the commands I would need and think I have that down ( I think the commands are the same..

But I have not seen anyone saying they have done it this way so any help would be usefull

Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing back from you and Keep up the great work!!
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