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I've hit a bit of a sticking point with FreeNAS 11 and a Bhyve VM I have running. 

I originally configured this VM as an Ubuntu Linux (16.04) host with a ZVOL of 16GB. There came a point where I needed more disk space, so I expanded the ZVOL to 32GB, and booted the VM.

My intent was to boot and make the necessary alterations to the swap and data partitions, and extend the primary data partition. I was highly displeased to find that the UEFI had lost my settings. I ended up booting into an Arch ISO and chroot'ing into the Ubuntu installation. What I discovered was as I had suspected, that the output of `efibootmgr` showed no sign of the prior grub-efi configuration.

So, I proceeded to re-install grub-efi, and just to be dead certain, ran `grub-install` myself, and then checked the output of `efibootmgr` again. Now I have my entry, and grub claims everything is well.

All is well, yes? Nope. Time for a host power cycle, as I am installing additional drives. Upon power up, and consecutive start of the VM: no more EFI settings. Repeat booting ISO, chroot, run `efibootmgr`, run `grub install`, run `efibootmgr`. Run `reboot` command in VM. Works. Reboot in VM. Works.

`sudo poweroff`. Go back to the FreeNAS UI, start the VM. Poof. No more EFI. More interesting, the EFI shell (v2 in case you are wondering) recognizes the FAT partition, but finds nothing in it. Yet, if I enter the EFI manager by mashing the key-press at boot, it can see the ESP partition, and access all of the content in order to add an entry in this fashion as well. However, that does not survive a "power cycle" of the VM either.

What in tarnation is going on here?! Please help. I can keep the ZVOL, and recreate the VM, but the engineer in me _really_ wants to know what the heck is happening.
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