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First off, great show.  I appreciate the technical discussions you guys
have on the air.  I'm a Linux guy primarily, but I like to tinker with
the BSDs (My love for OpenBSD can't be overstated) which is why I'm a
weekly listener.

To make a long story short, I'm too cheap to buy a FreeNAS system from
iX, but I want to get a real backup solution for my home.  You can find
inexpensive refurbished servers on eBay, and finding something with 4
to 8 hard drive bays is pretty easy. What should I look for or look to
avoid when purchasing a refurb for my backup solution?  Obviously I'm
going to purchase the hard drives new.

If the hardware fails (just hopefully not the drives) and I was happy
with FreeNAS, I would definitely look into buying one of the FreeNAS
Certified 1U systems from iX. They seem like a really great vendor, but
just a little pricey when I'm really just trying to test the waters.

Thanks for your help!
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