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Hey JT, Benedict, and Allan,

I have a two questions, and neither involve ZFS. The first is a FreeBSD installer question. I am a vanilla FreeBSD n00b, but have been running TrueOS since it was pc-bsd. So with all of the churn on planet TrueOS/Trident/GhostBSD, and with no upgrade path from TrueOS 18.03 that doesn't involve nuking from orbit, I want to install FreeBSD. My desktop has a pair of SSDs for the main pool, and a pair of spinning drives for more intensive things that I don't want to waste write cycles on an SSD on...Like jails, ports, virtualbox, etc.

Is there a way in the installer to create both pools (each with mirrored pairs of drives) and assign datasets to each, or do I need to create the SSD pool, install, then take care of the second pool and moving datasets over in post?

My second question is more for Benedict. I was going to get involved with the TrueOS doc team, but with all of the changes, and I believe iXsystems brought all of the docs back in-house, so I was wondering how one gets started in the FreeBSD doc team? I know Dru was using Sphinx, but I think I remember you using something else at the last vBSDcon...

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