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Hi folks - greetings from not-so-sunny-Sweden!

Long-time listener - first time I write in.
I hear you guys are fond of questions, so I've got two for you.
One networking -- one regarding ZFS; just for good measure ;)

Having recently moved, I finally have the chance to build my own infrastructure.
Fiber uplink is a godsend, however my gear is too outdated to keep up
with that - which leads me to my first question:

Until now I used an Alix (2d13) board with PfSense. This setup was a
blast! - it literally never failed in years of service...
Now it's time to step up my game and roll out GBit in my house. If I
am seeing this right, AC WiFi is not currently happening on FreeBSD -
what are my options?
I was sincerely hoping OPNsense and a current day Alix board, but I am lost...

What would you guys recommend?

And now for Allan's favorite part: ZFS ;)
It's time I get a NAS setup - FreeNAS sounds like a fine approach to me.

I am aiming for redundancy. Sadly buying a whole bucket of disks up
front is not an option right now...
Initially I was hoping I could buy two and add the next two soon. How
can I grow my zpool? Am I understanding it correctly that starting
with two and adding the next two later would mean I can't achieve a
setup in which two out of four could fail and I still am running? How
could this be achieved?

Thanks very much in advance and thanks for continuing to tempt me to
choose BSD - a step outside my comfort zone...

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work,
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