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thanks for the great show, I learned a lot. I recently started playing
with zxfer to backup a vps to my freenas at home. I set up a new jail on
my freenas dedicated for this job as Allan suggested
(https://github.com/allanjude/zxfer/blob/master/README.md). On the
remote server I created a user with zfs permissions on send and
snapshot. On the freenas side Allan proposed to add datasets via the
jails storage manager. I tried that. It only mounts a dataset but does
not allow zfs operations on it as required. I tried setting "zfs
jailed=on dataset" and "zfs jail backup dataset". This exposed the
dataset to zfs inside the jail but creating new datasets by zxfer fails
with set sharenfs not allowed in non-global zones. I also tried to use
the zxfer -I option but got only error messages "unkown paramter -I".
The non-global zone message was caused by the zfs jailed option (also
outside on the host system). So I ended up by using zxfer "-T" option to
ssh to the freenas host and sudo with a dedicated user. Long story now
the question:

Is this a good solution or would you recommend an other approach to
expose zfs inside the jail?

Second (shorter) question: I use zfstools to create snapshots on the
vps. When deleting a snapshot by the cronjob while running zxfer at the
same time zxfer gives up with a snapshot not found message. How does one
avoid this: Disable zfstools while zxfer runs?

Thrid (even shorter) question: How to deal with different snapshot
schedules on both machines? Is it possible do exclude a dataset and its
children when using the "-r" option?

Thank you again for the great show.

Greetings from Berlin, Germany
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