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Hey Allan and Benedict,

As always, love the show.  Quick question for you: Is it possible to set a nice(3) value (or similar) for a jail or set of jails such that when they're started, they get a higher priority for CPU time?  I can't seem to find anything online or in man pages for this.  I looked at racct/rctl, but that seems more for resource constraints than priority.  An example use case:
1. I have a poudriere jail for building ports - This should take a back burner, I don't really care how long it takes to chug
2. I have a PostgreSQL jail - This thing needs to be snappy!  High priority.
3. Webserver - also high-pri, but less than postgres for dependency reasons.

Am I missing something or is this just not easy to do?  I'm sure I could write a little helper script to crawl the process table & renice stuff, but that feels dirty and wouldn't pounce on new threads/processes immediately.

Thanks & keep on casting!  Excited about the 12 RELEASE.
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