Todd - 2 Nics, 1 bhyve and a jail cell

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Hi Guys,

IDK why it has to be this hard.. but I'm about ready to rip out what little hair I have left out..

I'm simply trying to mix bhyve and jails.. with 1 nic passed through to an OpenBSD firewall.

all I want to do is this..

#1 - create a OpenBSD VM with PCI pass through.
     the purpose is the openbsd install as a forward facing firewall and have it direct traffic to my other VM's and jails.

#2 - create and run a sample linux vm.. it should be send/receive to the internet and be accessible from the lan

#3 - create a couple of jails like vsftp or dns rypt/proxy  ideally that are reachable from the internet and lan


networking is absolutely NOT working in any respect.. its abysmal.
routing between the openbsd machine and tap/igb1 card does not work.
can only access jails on the hosts ip range.

I I was hoping perhaps you could help me figure out

the best approach to do this.. is 2 nic's enough? do i need to pass 1 and somehow vlan the other .? IDK.. really quite frustrated. 

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