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Hello BSD Chaps

Blah, blah, ZFS, blah, ZFS . . . oh, hang on, here's a surprise, it's not a ZFS question!

In my home lab I have recently been playing around with a layer 2 Cisco switch whilst trying to improve my feeble networking skills. I have configured several VLANs on the switch but now would like to route between them. Seeing as I, like probably lots of Raspberry Pi owners looking to find a practical use for the said device have decided to use one as a router which I think is termed as a 'router on a stick'. I have configured one of the ports on the switch to trunk my VLANs but here is my stumbling block: I don't know how to create 'sub-interfaces' on the FreeBSD side, if indeed that is what they are called in FreeBSD parlance. And would each interface need to be a member of a different VLAN? Presumably I'd also need to turn on packet forwarding and set up the routing between the networks too. I'm a little bit lost with FreeBSD networking so if you could point me at some good documentation or better still do a demo on your show I would be very grateful.

I know about the Raspberry Pi's limited NIC but that isn't an issue as it's only a test lab.

You can probably tell that I'm not a network guy so my terminology may be wrong which is why web searches aren't helping me much, but I hope you understand the gist of what I'm trying to achieve.

I Love the show and been watching for ages now.


PS. Please don't take this the wrong way but why doesn't FreeBSD invest more in marketing? I guess the foundation believes that the technology speaks for itself but that only goes so far. For managers 'free' means cheap and BSD sounds like some sort of infection that only dairy farmers need worry about. The president of  the Linux foundation pays himself over 600K a year. I'm sure the FreeBSD foundation would like a nibble of that pie. Would better marketing pay for itself? Is it time to step up and start eating into the Linux market share?
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