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Hey, Allan and Benedict

I was using Ubuntu Mate for quite a while but decided to try out FreeBSD after having watched your show for some time. I also started using I3 around the same time and used the FreeBSD ports system to customize it a bit. I used it to change the default colour of dmenu and to customize I3 so that it would bring up a binary clock when I brought up the I3 status bar using the windows key. I have recently decided to try using OpenBSD after having accidentally stuffed up an update and messed up my config files :'(. I managed to install it and set up everything how I like it with the exception of the things mentioned above.

My problem is that I cannot figure out how to edit the source code of a port on OpenBSD and then do a make install on the modified version of the port. I know this may be a simple question but I'm not really sure where or how to find the answer. Any explanations or advice you have on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

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