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I've installed FreeBSD 11.1, with all updates (RELEASE-p3 now).  ZFS
on root (auto), all set to defaults.

I installed 'beadm' via pkg, and patched the "noauto" bug via the
FreeBSD bugzilla entries.

I can create a new boot environment with "beadm create -e default
upgrade".  This returns success.  'beadm list' and 'zfs list -o
name,mountpoint,canmount' all show good settings.  At least they match
what the bugzilla comments list as "good".

Reboot the box.  (It's a Thinkpad 25, so reboot per-se doesn't work
right, but "poweroff" and restart via the button does the job.)

Go into the boot environments menu, and I see:

  zroot/ROOT/default for Active


  zroot/ROOT/default for zfsbootfs

I also see two boot environments listed: default and upgrade.

I select upgrade, and boot hangs up pretty much at the end of the boot
sequence (about when/where I'd expect to see a login prompt show up).

Reboot, and switch Active and 'zfsbootfs' both to default, and it
boots fine.

Back into FreeBSD, and I run 'beadm activate upgrade'.  The N/R split
as expected.  Reboot, and now I have nothing in Active, and "upgrade"
for zfsbootfs.  Select "default" for active, and boot hangs.  Select
'upgrade' for active and it boots fine.

This is not at all what I expected, based on the Handbook, various
posting, and even commentary on BSDNOW.

The crux of the problem for me is that it seems that only beadm can
select this 'zfsbootfs' setting (no idea what the function of this
setting is).  Which means that if an upgrade or something goes bad,
boot environments are no help at all in recovering, as you need the
_active_ environment to be good, before you can change to a different
boot environment.

After reading the various bug reports about beadm, I can see that
there are some long-standing problems that are still not fixed.  But
given this current condition, could you provide some guidance on how
to get a working boot environment switcher so that a bad "upgrade" BE
can be recovered from safely?

Jeff Root
San Diego, CA
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