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Greetings everyone!

   I started following BSD Now since first episode. I remember back
then Alan and Kris used to co-host BSD Now! I remember interacting
with TJ in relation to some technical issues couple of years ago on
11-current series regarding state of Gnome3 desktop I was facing.

   I am inspired by your team. I respect you guys a lot!! I have been
back and forth between true OS and FreeBSD on experimental basis. Arch
Linux has been my primary OS but when Arch stopped supporting 32 bit
installs, I took a leap of faith and wiped out Linux completely from
all my old hardware and did a fresh install of FreeBSD.

   During this journey I have frequently visited numerous tutorials
from BSD Now shows. The journey has been very rewarding and transition
was smooth due to excellent documentation from FreeBSD Handbook, BSD
Now tutorials as well as Arch wiki (it is quite relevant + useful even
for FreeBSD for common utilities).

   I genuinely want to thank you for your great show! You not only
inspired me to learn new skills but also made journey smooth. I hope
to contribute back (hopefully with code patches) some day. I have been
a developer for most part of my professional career so if I stretch a
bit it is possible.

   These days by default I try to boot into FreeBSD and use Linux less
and less often. I am on FreeBSD 12-current. As I came from Arch, I
like to get my fingers dirty with the latest and the greatest. It
breaks a few things, but it also allows me to learn more. In this
regard, I noticed I normally stay stuck with the version of FreeBSD
kernel which came at the time of installation. I tried a few ways and
the only thing that works for me currently is compiling from sources
or fresh install (both are really time consuming).

  Question:  How do I get the latest version of FreeBSD kernel, while
I am on 12-Current branch? I don't want to compile from source or
reinstall OS. Could you please point me to a tutorial for this? If one
doesn't exist there is one idea for you for upcoming BSD Now episode

  At last but not the least, thank you so much!! Please keep up the
good work!! Looking forward to great shows ahead!!

Best Regards,
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