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I had a few questions about creating a zfs pool, performance and best practice ..

My vdev pool will consist of 12x8tb drives the work load is primarily for streaming, storage and backing up my server via zfs send ..(I may run the odd jail or vm on the host, but I have a second 4x4 ssd pool for that)

another requirement for the back ups is they must be encrypted..

my initial though was x12 vdev raidz3 .. however other options could include 11x zraid3 or x2 raidz2 mirrors ..  What would be your thoughts to balance performance, space and tolerance? 

the other question is, should I full disk encrypt the entire pool.. or just create a dataset for the backups... is there a performance hit or benefit to either way?

what other considerations would you address when setting up such a large pool..

just for ref.. (and if you want one to)  here is a link to the hardware

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