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Hey Boys :D

I ordered today 3 new 8TB disks for my new ZFS pool. So my question is
are there any other parameters
I should set for better performance? (it's mostly movie, picture and
music data)

sysctl vfs.zfs.min_auto_ashift=12
zpool create -O atime=off -O utf8only=on -O normalization=formD -O
aclinherit=passthrough -O compression=lz4 tank raidz ada0 ada1 ada2

atime=off because I don't care about access time on my files and it
should be faster
utf8only=on & normalization=formD because I have files with äü and other
strange characters
aclinherit=passthrough I think it's needed for some samba stuff I do
compression=lz4 since zstd is not in a released yet

Thanks & Keep up the cool show!
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