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First, I really enjoy your show.  I have used FreeBSD since 2.1.5 that I got at Christmas 1996 on a Walnut Creek CD-ROM I bought at a computer store when I lived in Houston. I mainly work in the Linux world as a DevOps Engineer.  Only have had one job where I used FreeBSD in production.

1. What software do you use for recording your podcasts?  I have an interest in maybe doing a podcast of a couple of our local meet-ups, so interested in any pointers or suggestions of software to try.

2.  Since a lot has changed lately in the world of video cards and support, maybe a good set of short tutorials would be to do one on setting up xorg with a late model Nvidia, a late model AMD, and a late model Intel chipset.

3.  you should do another tshirt with bsdnow on it.  Or just offer bsd tshirts for sale to help cover the costs of your podcasts.  Besides, all of us need more geek/nerd shirts in our closet.  (or in our overflow area for shirts that no longer fit in our closet)

4. I think a tutorial on how to set up the firewall to allow a person to run a mail server and a web server on a freebsd box and the proper way to secure it.

5.  A tutorial on how to chose a wireless chip/card and bluetooth chip/card that has robust support in BSD, yet still can do some of the later speeds.  I know this is a moving target, but there is so much various info on this subject out there that doesn't seem consistent.

Thanks again for the podcast.
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