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Hi guys,

Ill be brief , love the show and effort you guys put in every week!!

#1 episode 20 went over fbsd jails.. towards the end you mentioned putting out another more advanced tutorial

Could you guys work on that or maybe give me some tips.

I am trying to find the best way to combine ZFS / vdes and sch, bhyve and jails together

In addition if you have an good info on pci pass through i would love to run a openbsd firewall with carp and relayd as a vm in-front of it

My goal is to create the ultimate networking appliance as a project for work...

My stumbling blocks are  little things like how do i accept traffic on the wan interface use relayd to load balance it to a tapped jail and send the output to the lan nic

It would be awesome if you could help out

Thanks Aj

#2 Benidic did a great slide show on ansible and fbsd would love for so e further em examples on spinning up and configuring vm’s and configuring say revers proxies and such

Thanks guys you rock
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